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Mullein - Uses and Benefits
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Alternative Names:

Adam's flannel, old man's flannel, woolen, rag paper, candlewick plant, wild ice leaf, Jupiter's staff, Jacob's staff, Flannel Plant, Hag's Taper .
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Herb Description

Mullein is a easily grown plant & found all over Europe and in temperate Asia in Himalayas, and in North America .There are about 250 distinct species of mullein.It can adapt to various environments & therefore grows on roadsides and on waste ground, more likely on gravel, sand or chalk.It can be found in natural meadows, forest openings, neglected pastures, road cuts, and industrial areas. It blossom during July and August.It will grow with its silver-gray leaves and its sturdy, towering height. Fresh Mullein leaves are also used for the purpose of making a homeopathic tincture .Mullein is commonly recognized by its tall flower spikes, which can be 10 feet tall. It has pretty flowers, but only a few bloom at a time.
Mullein Pictures, Images and Photos

The hole plant is covered with fine, downy hairs that give Mullein its features of soft, velvety texture and appearance, and help the plant retain moisture .Mullein is well-known as a medicinal herb which has been used for centuries. The Greek physician, Dioscorides, mentioned the benefits of Mullein for "old coughs."Mullein contains coumarin and rotenone, a natural insecticide and fish poison, which is supposed to be non-toxic to mammals. mullein tea is traditionally an effective treatment for coughs and lung disorders .Flowers and leaves from mullein are used for their strong mucilaginous (sticky and viscous) content against all forms of throat and lung irritation.
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* Expectorant
* Demulcent
* Anti-viral
* Mild diuretic
* Relaxing Expectorant
* Mild Laxative
* Emollient
* Vulnerary
* Mild Sedative.

Uses and Benefits

It is beneficial to tones the mucous membranes, reducing inflammation and stimulating fluid production, thus facilitating expectoration. Mullein has anti-inflammatory and demulcent properties which give it a useful role in tracheatis and associated conditions.Due to its relaxing feature it act as expectorant for dry, chronic, hard coughs such as in whooping cough,asthma ,bronchitis & tuberculosis.Cure the problems of chronic otitis media and eczema of the ear . Mullein has powerful narcotic properties, but is nontoxic and safe to ingest in large quantities:any one can drink it all day .Mullein is use as a treatment for bladder or urinary tract irritations, including hematuria (bloody urine).
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Mullein is used as a following:

* Analgesic.
* Antihistaminic.
* Antiinflammatory.
* Anticancer.
* Antioxidant.
* Antiviral.
* Bacteristat.
* Cardiodepressant.
* Estrogenic.
* Fungicide.
* Hypnotic.
* Pesticide.
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Its also use as yellow dye which is made from the flowers by boiling them in water & produce permanent green dye when used with dilute sulfuric acid , this becomes brown with the addition of alkalies. Also use for lightening too.

It is use to covers and protects scraped tissues, Softens and soothes irritated skin, Shrinks tissues, prevents secretion of fluids.It relieve from ease coughs ,sore throats, Soothe minor abrasions and hemorrhoid pain.
Side Effects

Mullein is generally safe to use but there are rare reports of skin irritation.

If following side effects occurs then consult to your doctor.

* Breathing problems.
* Tightness in your throat .
* Tightness in your chest .
* Chest pain .
* Skin hives.
* Rash.
* Itchy .
* Swollen skin .

Other Side Effects:

* Tiredness
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As a Tea :

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 heaping tablespoon of Mullein flowers. Let steep 10 minutes, strain, and sweeten with honey if desired.

As a preventative treatment:

1/2 - 1 oz per day. To help combat cough and reduce throat irritation take 1 - 2 table spoons oz every 2 - 4 h. To help relieve night cough take 1 - 2 fl oz before sleep. Contain 24 -26 % grain alcohol by volume.

In case of ear infection :

Squeeze several drops of room-temperature mullein oil into the ear canal, so long as you are sure that the eardrum isn't punctured. it only relieves the symptoms not to heal an ear infection.
Drug Interactions

There were no well-known drug interactions with mullein ,at the time of writing.
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  1. I love the way this wild plant looks and feels! We see it growing abundantly around here. Great Share Sister Love!

    I be lovin' ya!

  2. Need help. Am new to the God given plants around us: need to know how to "keep" mullein for future use. Drying/tincture recipes, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. I washed my leaves gently in sink to remove dirt from leaves patted dry gently with soft dishtowels then spread on cookie racks for a week to dry. then i gently crumbled and stored in a baggie until i got a glass jar to put it in. for my asthma i use 1 tsp. of dried leaf..add to1 and half of water...bring to a boil, remove from heat, cover and steep 10 min. strain. i use a double strain method...1st a small wire sieve with handle (i think it was a tea strainer) then a small funnel lined with a coffee filter to remove the fine gritty leaf parts. i usually double the recipe so i have 3 cups worth. i drink 1 cup in morning and 1 in the late evening to help control my asthma. it is also good for any congestion. good luck..i am new at this and learning too.