Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Curly Dock

CURLY DOCK, YELLOW DOCK, (Rumex crispus)
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Long, lance-shaped, hairless leaves with very wavy margins radiating from a common center in early spring makes this species distinct. In mid-spring, curly dock grows one- to five-foot tall spikes encircled by dense clusters of tiny, inconspicuous, green flowers, giving way to dense clusters of hard, reddish fruit. It grows in fields, on disturbed soil, along roadsides, and near the seashore.
The highly nutritious, lemony flavored young leaves are excellent raw or cooked in early spring, as are the leaves on the flower stalk and the peeled flower stalk in mid-spring. People boil the long yellow taproot and drink the bitter tea to detoxify and to help liver or skin ailments.

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  1. I have never really cared much for this wild plant being...it is sooo invasive! However I am going to taste it now that I know what it is...I'm just sayin'...LOL!

    Love, Love, Love!